Ipsy Bag Review

Subscription bags and boxes have been super popular in recent years; they’re a great way to try new products with minimal commitment. One of most infamous subscription brands, Ipsy, is known for their monthly makeup bags filled with beauty products that have been selected based on the individual subscriber’s preferences. As a previous Ipsy subscriber, I often get asked “is it worth it?”, and that really depends on what you’re looking for.

The Cons:

  • Although the website says “$10 per month”, after being converted from USD to CDN and adding in shipping and tax, it ends up being closer to $20 per month
  • You will get items that you don’t want. As many processes as they have in place, and as much as they tell you to update your preferences if you get things you don’t like, you don’t get to hand pick what you get, and occasionally you will get items you won’t use
  • I hate throwing things out, and all of the adorable makeup bags that the products come in, as well as the few products I got that I didn’t use really started to take up space in my makeup cabinet. They do have some uses though, which I will cover under “The Pros”

The Pros:

  • Despite costing around $20 per month for Canadians, the value of the items in the bag still exceeds the cost; for example, in quite a few bags an eyeliner was included that would have cost approximately $17 to buy on its own
  • You get to try sample sizes of trendy colours without commitment. As a non-makeup artist and someone who doesn’t work in the fashion industry, its hard to justify buying trendy shades of lipstick or eyeshadow because I can’t wear them everyday to the office. Ipsy bags let you try the makeup products that you would normally say “I want to buy this, but I can only wear it to go out on the weekend” to in the store
  • You get to try sample sizes of hair and skin products without committing to the price of a whole bottle. There are a ton of exfoliators and frizz-serums that I want to try, but most of the time they’re expensive and I don’t even know if I would like it. These products Ipsy only ever sends sample sizes of, so if you love it you can go out and buy the full-size version, and if you’re “meh” on it, the sample size makes it great to take on trips
  • The bags are adorable, and are perfect to keep things organized in your purse, to use as a pencil case, carry your makeup in when you travel, etc.

So there you have it! Overall, the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons. Do I still subscribe to Ipsy? No. A little tip to overcome the Cons is to cancel your subscription if you have a month where funds are a bit tight, or if you’re bored of the bags/products. Ipsy will send you e-mails each month so that as soon as you want to re-subscribe, they put you back on their mailing list right away!



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