15 Things People Who Wear Makeup are Tired of Hearing

  1. “You wear too much makeup” 

    Your opinion is invalid, bye.

    Via PopSugar

  2. “She’s only pretty because she wears so much makeup” 

    I do my makeup for fun, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But thanks.quote-make-up-can-only-make-you-look-pretty-on-the-outside-but-it-doesn-t-help-if-your-ugly-audrey-hepburn-44-3-0397
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  3. “Do you REALLY need to buy that? You already have one”

    Yes but that one is matte and I really need it in a shimmer.7258f24dcbd917b8e40fbdc03328c027
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  4. “How much do you spend on makeup?”

    That information is classified…
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  5. “You look better with less makeup” 

    I know you think this is a compliment, but I just spent an hour on this…enhanced-24660-1453403176-3
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  6. “Women who wear makeup are lying to men” 

    I’d rather not date a man who thinks I have black eyelashes when my hair is clearly light brown, thanks.

    Via BuzzFeed

  7. “You look tired today”

    …I’m not wearing makeup today.

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  8. “Who are you trying to impress?”


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  9. “I like natural girls who wear less makeup”

    Most of the time people who don’t wear much makeup can’t tell the difference between actual natural makeup, and very well done “natural” makeup with full coverage foundation, contour, etc.

    Via GoogleFacts

  10. “Anyone can look good if they have enough makeup on”

    Well, yeah. We don’t spend all this time and money for nothing…makeup-meme-13
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  11. “Girls who wear lots of makeup are just insecure”

    Makeup is so much more than an appearance; it’s art, it’s a hobby, it’s stress relief, and the list goes on!
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  12. “How much time does it take you to get ready?” 

    Refer to #4

    Via FunnyAnd

  13. “Drugstore makeup is just as good as the expensive stuff”

    This is a half-truth. Yes, there are decent options that offer better value; I buy drugstore mascara because it’s half the price. But I HATE using it because the $20 stuff is just SO much easier to apply. You can get great results with either, but the expensive makeup makes your life 10x easier and also holds up better throughout the day.

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  14. “I don’t need to wear makeup”

    Good for you.

    Via MakeUpNowBlogg

  15. “Doesn’t all that makeup make you break out?”

    YES. That’s why I also have a diligent skin care regimen… or at least I try to 😅

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