Spring 2017 Makeup Trends

Heavy makeup was BIG in 2016. Bold, sharply defined brows, thick winged eyeliner, fake lashes, and LOTS of contour graced the face of many makeup lovers. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all of it, but I’m ready for something new and refreshing. Luckily, based on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways, I won’t be disappointed. Check out these Spring 2017 beauty trends that I’m excited for, and let me know your thoughts below!

Softer, more natural brows

Good-bye overly defined, razor sharp brows. It’s time to let you natural brows shine. Spring 2017 runways were filled with thick, “fuzzy” brows that add a touch of softness around the eyes.

Sparkle, shimmer & shine

In 2016, matte took over. Matte lips and matte eye shadow were go-to’s, and while I doubt they’ll ever completely go away, in 2017 lips and eyes will be sporting a lot more glow.

Smudged eyes

That perfect winged eyeliner look that you never quite got the hang of? Don’t worry about it! Spring 2017 is full of smudged out eyes, complete with under-eye liner.

Pops of colour

Colour never goes away in the makeup world, but in 2016 everyone tended to lean more towards darker colours and neutrals. With the end of winter approaching, we’ll be seeing more vibrant colours used in unexpectedly beautiful ways.

Natural skin

Get ready to let your skin breathe again! While I doubt that any makeup lover will ever be able to say goodbye to their highlight and contour, we will all be saving a lot of time with Spring 2017’s “less is more” attitude towards face makeup. Hello extra time to sleep in!


Seriously, what happened to blush? The inner competition dancer in me is jumping for joy. On top of natural skin, blush is making a comeback to add a healthy, natural pop of colour to your cheeks.

Which Spring 2017 makeup trends are you most excited about? Comment below!


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