Review: LeanFit Protein Products

Are you currently using protein powder, or thinking of adding it in to your diet? I find I don’t get enough protein in my diet, and taking protein powder after my workouts has helped so much with supporting muscle growth (ladies: this isn’t a bad thing! More muscles = less fat and a higher metabolism. Don’t worry, unless you’re on steroids you won’t look bulky). I personally use LeanFit’s chocolate protein powder almost every day, and absolutely love it. When they saw my November Favourites featuring their chocolate protein powder, they were kind enough to send me a few more samples to try out. I absolutely love their brand; they’re a Canadian company and their products are WAY more affordable than a lot of protein products that I’ve seen (I spend about $40 for their chocolate protein at Costco, but most of the brands I see at GNC or Popeye’s go for around $70-80). Keep on reading to find out my thoughts on the rest of their products!

*all samples were prepared using 350ml of water in my Blender Bottle.

All In One

I don’t take vitamins, so I was really excited to try a protein powder that has all the benefits of a vitamin plus more. It also contains biotin, which supports hair and nail growth (because who can say no to that?!). The taste itself was great, it didn’t have that gross after taste that I find most proteins have. It had a sandy texture though, which I wasn’t a big fan of. I wouldn’t recommend mixing it with water, but I think it would work great in smoothies or added in to protein pancakes/protein baked goods, since the taste itself was clean and didn’t taste like protein (in a good way).

allinone-shrinkphoto-225 (1)all-in-one-nutfacts-238-850-16leanfit.jpg

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Plant Based Protein Shake (completegreen)

I’m not vegan, so this was my first experience trying a vegan protein shake. From what I’ve heard from other vegans however, is that most protein shakes have a gritty texture. Maybe it has to do with the ingredients used, because this one was gritty as well. The taste itself was good though, similar to the All in One shake with no weird protein after taste. I’ve always heard people say to vegans “but how do you get enough protein?”, and with 19g of protein per serving, this definitely answers that question and would be a great addition to smoothies or baked goods.


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Chocolate & Vanilla Protein Shake

I put these two together because they’re the same product but with different flavours. I love both of them, and actually went out today and bought a tub of the vanilla one to use in my banana pancake recipe and smoothies. Both of them have really great, clean flavours (by clean I mean that they don’t have a weird protein taste) and absolutely none of the grittiness that the all-in-one and completegreen have. Of the two the chocolate is definitely my favourite on its own, but I prefer the vanilla protein powder when mixed in smoothies or baked goods. The one small downside that I noticed after trying a $100 tub of protein powder, is that it didn’t mix as well as the more expensive brand. Some of the powder does stick to the bottom of my Blender Bottle and you get the occasional clump, but honestly, for $60 less, it’s such a small issue that I didn’t even notice until I tried a more expensive brand. This protein is by far the best value for your money and I highly recommend it!

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