Review: Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

This month I was lucky enough to be on Influenster’s list for the Revlon voxbox! For anyone who isn’t familiar with Influenster, it’s a platform for companies to send out their new products for registered “influensters” to try out and review.

I’ve been using Revlon mascara since high school, when a friend bought their Grow Luscious mascara, and her lashes looked so long and thick that I had to go out and try it myself. While I’m not blessed with long or thick lashes, the mascara did a great job at hiding it better than other mascaras I had tried. So I continued using it, until I discovered Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara (which is my holy grail mascara). But unfortunately with its $27 price tag, the love affair didn’t last long and I went back to Revlon.

One thing that I noticed when I went back, that didn’t seem to bother me before, is that the brush often went past my lashes and smudged the mascara on to my eyelid…heartbreaking stuff after painstakingly blending my eyeshadow. I’ve been playing around and trying a few other brands, with nothing quite hitting the mark for my new holy grail drug store mascara. So I was pretty excited to be in this voxbox for Revlon’s new Mega Multiplier mascara.

I was intrigued when I opened the Mega Multiplier tube, because it looked similar to other Revlon mascara’s I had tried. The wand is great; it has a triangular shape so its wider for your outer lashes, and thinner for your inner lashes (to get right in to those corners), which I found prevented the mascara-to-eyelid transfer. As you can see in the below picture, this also made a huge difference in making my eyes look wider and more open when applying multiple coats. It was also really buildable with minimal clumps, which I liked because as I mentioned, I wasn’t blessed with long/thick lashes so I definitely need multiple coats of mascara. Overall I really recommend this mascara, and would like to thank Revlon and Influenster for sending me this product to test out!

One, two, and three coats of Revlon’s Mega Multiplier mascara


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