Costco Favorites for Healthy Eating

Ahh Costco. No matter how much I plan before making my monthly trip, I always walk out with at least three items I wasn’t planning on buying (mostly because of all of the free samples). That being said, there are a few items that I ALWAYS buy and are staples in my diet. Check them out below to see which ones might help you get closer to your healthy eating goals, and save money while you’re at it!

For Quick Meals

Kirkland Chicken Breast Fillets: I dread buying chicken from the grocery store. It’s always expensive, and when it’s on sale it’s always sold out. Plus, I prefer to eat my chicken right after it’s cooked rather than meal prepping it, so it adds time to my daily schedule to cook it every night. These little guys are GREAT – they only take 12 minutes to cook straight from frozen so they make for a super quick meal if while they’re cooking you boil up some rice and defrost some frozen veggies. One of my favourite ways to make it is to add in a homemade sauce of equal parts honey and whole-seed mustard right at the end for delicious honey mustard chicken.


Kirkland Organic Quinoa: Costco has the best price for quinoa by far, without even taking into account that their version is organic! Another bonus is that the large size lasts forever, unlike those tiny bags that are sold at most grocery stores that only lasts for two meals. Quinoa is pretty hands-off to make, so it’s super easy to make a big batch on Sunday while you prep your other food for the week. One of my favourite ways to have it is to add in edamame, tofu, and equal parts of honey and soy sauce!


For Cravings


Brookside: For sweet cravings, my go-to is Brookside’s individually packaged dark chocolate. It doesn’t taste as bitter as most dark chocolate, and each pack is only 90 calories. These are best enjoyed slowly – let the dark chocolate melt to reveal the fruit-flavoured centre. Don’t go overboard though, one pack should be more than enough.


Kirkland Roasted and Salted Nuts: For salty cravings, Kirkland makes super convenient prepackaged nuts. The box has three different varieties: cashews, almonds, and peanuts. These are also pretty high in fat and calories, so I recommend eating half of the pack, and then saving the rest for another time. I love keeping a pack in my desk at work for when I’m not super hungry, but still in need of a snack.

For Supplements

LeanFit Whey: I’ve written about this brand in the past, and it continues to be my go-to for daily use. It’s a great price, and while the flavor isn’t the greatest, it’s also not awful, and easily masked when blended into smoothies. The price is unbeatable, making it perfect for anyone who regularly uses protein in their smoothies, oats, and baking on a regular basis. Pro-tip: the chocolate flavor is amazing mixed with oatmeal, topped with frozen raspberries and a drizzle of peanut butter.


Kirkland Protein Bars: I’ve gotten mixed reviews from family and friends that have tried these based on my recommendation. They do have a tougher/chewier texture than most protein bars, but the taste is great and they don’t have a weird protein flavor. The price is amazing, at only $22 for a box of 20. The real highlight though is their protein and sugar content. These bars use whey protein – a complete protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids. They also only have 1 gram of sugar, whereas most other protein bars have sugar levels comparable to candy bars!


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